Monday, May 31, 2010

Entry to Turquoise Lake and climb up Sugarloaf

So here's some good trail beta for you. Here are some photos of the area around Turquoise Lake. You'll be here descending off of Sugar Loaf Mt. So we got some shots of the area - and you have some dirt/trail from the descent actually. I messed up on the last video - I said this is where you'll go up to Sugar Loaf, however, it looks like you'll be going down through the area - in a descent - instead of an incline.

Warning sign before we drove the was steep and skinny

Collecting some dirt for you on the trail up Hagerland Pass/Sugarloaf

We added a little inspiration for you to the Park message board.

A good view of the lake and your roughly-accurate route around it.

This video shows the way up Sugarloaf. By the looks of the map, you'll be on this dirt road. It's rocky, but not technical. It's a slow gradual incline up with beautiful views. Better done with MTB tires instead of my Volkswagen.

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