Monday, May 31, 2010

Alright buddy...

...that's it. We hope you enjoy the care package and that it gets you pumped up for your training. We're your right hand people on this. We'll do whatever you need - from support day of to a place to stay to me riding the area once the snow clears - we're on your team man!

Hope you enjoyed this and we hope it pumped you up.

Our best,

Andy and Katiy

Turquoise Lake and Sugarloaf


Here are some shots that I think you'll see as you ascend parallel to Turquoise Lake and onto Sugarloaf.

Here we are on Turquoise Lake. The centerpiece of your ride.

We hiked this area, which is at the far tip of Turquoise lake, which you'll come around before Sugarloaf Mountain. Steep, tree covered and pretty dang high up there.

Here are Katiy and Ogden at the turn you'll make to get up Sugarloaf. You'll see it on the map I sent (we hiked a lot of this if we could get on it and through snow), but it's entirely uphill, starts paved and hits a skinny dirt mountain road (video below).

Here's Ogden trampling around in the snow along the trails we've marked on the map. This was taken on a trail next to the route around Turquoise Lake right before the hard turn up the mountain.

Entry to Turquoise Lake and climb up Sugarloaf

So here's some good trail beta for you. Here are some photos of the area around Turquoise Lake. You'll be here descending off of Sugar Loaf Mt. So we got some shots of the area - and you have some dirt/trail from the descent actually. I messed up on the last video - I said this is where you'll go up to Sugar Loaf, however, it looks like you'll be going down through the area - in a descent - instead of an incline.

Warning sign before we drove the was steep and skinny

Collecting some dirt for you on the trail up Hagerland Pass/Sugarloaf

We added a little inspiration for you to the Park message board.

A good view of the lake and your roughly-accurate route around it.

This video shows the way up Sugarloaf. By the looks of the map, you'll be on this dirt road. It's rocky, but not technical. It's a slow gradual incline up with beautiful views. Better done with MTB tires instead of my Volkswagen.

Out of Leadville, to the trails

So I can't guarantee that all these spots are in order...but we tried to be accurate according to the course map. Going out of Leadville at the start, looks like you hit PowerLine climb pretty quickly after you leave pavement. So here are photos going out of Leadville parallel to the train tracks and creek toward the start of the PowerLine ascent of about 1,000 ft (one of the toughest according to my research and what folks - like Lance - have said). After getting out of the dirt double-track I'm guessing you have single track in the forest to deal with as well. We couldn't get to much of the climb as it was PRIVATE land. But I'll tell you - it's a healthy steady climb on the outside of Turquoise Lake. Some photos will follow to give you an idea.

leaving pavement - the climb along St. Kevin Gulch and beneath the actual power lines.

You'll see a lot of this, buddy!

OK, here we are on what I THINK is your route off pavement and into the trails at the start of the race. This is where you part ways with pavement and start the climb around Turquoise Lake.

Into Leadville

Alright, so as I said, Leadville doesn't have much going on downtown. We tried to give you some pics of the start line and the downtown - which you've seen on the Race Across the Sky. It's a great town - plenty of great shops and stuff on the main street. Very cool vibe with friendly people. However, you get out of the downtown and into the big time. Beautiful approach to the climbs. You'll see some great pictures in the next post.

On the way into Leadville...

So we got you some jerky - straight from the area. I think if you eat local protein you preform better locally - so eat up! Then we found a cyclist who'd flatted and needed some help patching up a hole. Good karma, buddy!

The drive into Leadville from Golden, CO is beautiful. We'll lead the way, don't worry. We'll go through Dillon and Copper Mountain Ski Resort, past Breckenridge...into the Continental Divide.Rockin the team shirts - Katiy found a pink bike on the side of the road. This is your official welcome to Leadville picture.

the adventure begins


We're setting off on Sunday from our house in Louisville through Boulder and onto 70 to Leadville. Katiy, me and the Ogden-dog. The goal: find things to inspire you and give you some intelligence/sights for the ride.