Monday, May 31, 2010

Turquoise Lake and Sugarloaf


Here are some shots that I think you'll see as you ascend parallel to Turquoise Lake and onto Sugarloaf.

Here we are on Turquoise Lake. The centerpiece of your ride.

We hiked this area, which is at the far tip of Turquoise lake, which you'll come around before Sugarloaf Mountain. Steep, tree covered and pretty dang high up there.

Here are Katiy and Ogden at the turn you'll make to get up Sugarloaf. You'll see it on the map I sent (we hiked a lot of this if we could get on it and through snow), but it's entirely uphill, starts paved and hits a skinny dirt mountain road (video below).

Here's Ogden trampling around in the snow along the trails we've marked on the map. This was taken on a trail next to the route around Turquoise Lake right before the hard turn up the mountain.

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